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Payment options are as follows: Monthly, Quarterly or Full Year

Payment costs are as follows:

    Monthly Startup Plan - $     99.00 - Monthly

                     Setup Fee  -  $   299.00 - One Time

  • Monthly Registration Fee of $99 per month based on 12 months or 1-year period for Listing your Business Profile on DonePronto.

  • Special One Time Setup fee is available to be chosen but not obligatory for $299 which includes the setting up of your Business Profile by one of our marketing coordinators.

  • We create beautiful websites for residential Home Improvement professionals.


  • Email – SMS campaigns $149. Each additional mailing we'll only charge $25 and $0.05 per email address. For example, a mailing to 500 people would cost only $50.

  • Display Ad - DonePronto display ads contain all the key elements including your logo, key contact information and link to: website and profile page $99 per month based on one-year period.