Promotional Emails $149.00


Every contracting business can benefit from sending a regular email newsletter.


It’s the easiest way to stay in the forefront of prospects and existing customers minds.


Build your opt-in email and SMS list on DonePronto


  • DonePronto “Sign-Ups” is on your profile page and is our opt-in email and SMS signup form.


  • We also have other opt-in signups, from social media and paid strategies to continue to grow your list.


  • We add all your new opt-in signups before each new email blast.

Custom designed or templated campaigns with proven results


  • Working with experienced designers who understand the home improvement industry on how to best reach and stay in the forefront of prospects and existing homeowners.

  • We analyze open rates and what content most users interact with using the data from previous email campaigns to improve design elements.

How to get Email and SMS working for your business?


  • All lists and campaigns include unsubscribes and spam complaints.

  • Within your DonePronto “Customer List” on your dashboard you can manage your list, including making any edits to existing subscribers and add new customers daily. 

What if I want to send the same promotional email more than once?


Any additional deliveries for the same email will not cost another $149. Instead, for each mailing we'll only charge $25 and $0.05 per email address.


For example, a mailing to 500 people would cost only $50.

Promotional Emails


  • We'll manage the entire process, from design to deployment, including unlimited number of revisions and post-email reporting.

  • Opt-in Promotional Email right from your DonePronto signup page.